Home Learning

Home Learning

Remember the Summer Term Starts on Wednesday 15th April

Well done Year 3 on your home learning so far! We understand these are challenging times and we are very proud of you.

Each Monday we will set you work for the week.  All website addresses and passwords you need are stuck in the front of your red home learning book.

You and your grown-ups at home will decide when you do this learning over the week. A routine will probably make it easier for everyone in the house - some children have even found that putting their school jumper on to do their learning has helped. It is really important that you do the work we have set. Your teachers can see what you’ve done and they will plan the next week of learning to help you with anything you found difficult, or give you more challenge. We don’t know how long you will be learning at home; it is very important that you try and do the work set so that when we all come back together again, you will be ready to learn with your classmates.


Stay safe and keep up the good work. 
Best wishes, Miss Caldwell, Miss McNamee, Miss Tanner and Mr Worsa

Daily Maths:

Each week, you will be set

  • · Five quizzes on the Diagnostic Questions website ( https://diagnosticquestions.com/) Please note that the Maths quiz on Diagnostic Questions should take at least 20 minutes and should have an explanation for each answer so we can see how well you have understood the question.
  • · Five assignments on Maths Shed (https://play.edshed.com). This will be a revision of content already taught.
  • · You should also practise your timetables on Times Tables Rock Stars. Remember that by the end of Year 3 you should be fluent in your 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables and by the end of Year 4 you should be fluent in all your times tables to 12 x 12.

Daily Writing and Grammar:

This will take the form of a powerpoint (see below). There is a dated grammar activity and writing activity for each day. Again, this is a revision of content already covered and should be completed in your red book.


You will be set three spelling assignments on Spelling Shed. Try and do them on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (https://play.edshed.com).


Remember to read a little bit every day. You can read books you have at home or access books online through https://plymouthlss.wheelers.co/ . Your username is inside the front cover of your red book. 

Our Dartmoor Topic:

You have a copy of the knowledge organiser for our Dartmoor topic in your red home learning book. Try and complete all the enquiry learning questions ready to share either on the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) or when we come back together when the school re opens.

All our knowledge organisers from the year so far can also be found on the website under Learning / Our Curriculum. You can investigate any of the enquiry learning questions from the year


Learning for the week beginning Monday 20th April: