Meet the Governors

Hyde Park Infant and Junior Schools now have a federated Governing Body that covers both schools.

Our aim is to provide an inclusive, warm, caring and stimulating environment where every child can gain self-confidence and learn to become independent. It is important that the children are not only encouraged to have self-respect but that they are given the opportunity to appreciate the value of others. Each individual child is helped to develop his/her own personality within a secure environment whilst always being aware of the needs of others.

We firmly believe that children learn effectively in a secure, caring atmosphere where they have access to a wide range of first hand experiences. We aim to develop in the children a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and a thoughtful attitude towards others. We deliberately create situations in which they can show initiative, self-reliance and consideration. Opportunities are given for working co-operatively with other children and adults as well as on individual tasks.

We have high expectations of the children and encourage them to set themselves high standards of work and behaviour. Our broad and balanced curriculum meets and extends the requirements of the National Curriculum, providing continuity and progression; this means that we are concerned with the acquisition of knowledge, the understanding of concepts, and the skills of problem solving, aesthetic appreciation, physical development and the application of these to every day situations. We are committed to a child centred educational approach, which enables the individual to develop their own potential so that they may become independent, responsible, useful, thinking, confident and considerate members of the community.

This list is by no means complete but might go some way to show the enormous task we willingly undertake. It is important to remember that children are individuals and do not all develop at the same pace and that they must be valued for what they are not for what they have achieved. We recognise the crucial role which parents play in their children’s education and make every effort to encourage parental involvement in the educational process in a partnership style.

The Federated Governors currently serving the children and the schools are as follows:-


Mr Anthony Greenfield - Chair Mr Philip Hart - Co-opted Governor
Mrs Denise Razey – Co-opted Governor Miss Tina Jackson – Head Teacher Junior School
Mrs Elizabeth Hill - Head Teacher Infant School Mr Glyn Price - Parent Governor
Mr Dominic Ring - Co-opted Governor Mr Mark Briffa – Parent Governor
Miss Hannah McNamee - Staff Governor Mrs Laura Faith – Clerk to Governors
If you wish to contact the chair of the school governors by email please use the email below
or by post to
Mr Greenfield 
Crabtree House
Plymouth Road
  • Mr Anthony (Tony) Greenfield

    Having two children at both schools, it has been my pleasure to help as much as I can with the smooth running of the schools and helping to direct the future of the schools. I have past experience in the running of an OFSTED registered special needs school, and have in depth knowledge of IT and Financial Advice; which I hope would be of use to the schools governance.

  • Mrs Elizabeth (Liz) Hill

    As Head Teacher of the Infant School I am proud to serve on the federated governing body. I have been teaching for 35 years and Head Teacher for 15 of those. I am in a privileged position to ensure that children in my care receive the highest quality of education within a safe and caring environment. Every child matter and I work hard with my team of staff, the parents and our governors to ensure that being at the Infant School is a rewarding, happy experience for all the children where they can all thrive as learners and individuals.

  • Miss Tina Jackson

    Federation is a wonderful opportunity to develop the working relationship between our two schools, building on our strengths to create a shared culture in a positive and supportive climate. Prior to joining Hyde Park Junior School as Head Teacher in APRIL 2015, I had been Head of Infant, Junior and Primary schools so know how important it is to ensure continuity and progression for all pupils. I look forward to working together with the Governing Body and our school communities to ensure that all our children enjoy the positive, challenging experience of school that every child deserves.

  • Miss Hannah McNamee

    I am a staff member of the Junior School and I am a fairly newly appointed staff governor. I am really excited about this opportunity and I am looking forward to supporting the federated governing board, particularly in the areas I feel passionate about in school, which include SEND, educational visits and assessing pupil progress.

  • Mr Glyn Price

    Newly appointed to the Board of Governors in March 17, I have a long term vested interest in the success of both schools; being the parent of a child about to transition between Infant and Juniors (Sept 17), with another not due to join Early Years until Sept 2018. I am passionate about supporting both schools to ensure that every one of our children enjoy a positive, challenging experience and above all maximise their potential. I have held a senior leadership role within a large utility company for the last 20 years, which has hopefully afforded me skills that can be exploited to the benefit of the Hyde Park Federation.

  • Mrs Denise Razey

    I am a staff member of the infant school and I have been a governor for 10 years before becoming a member of the federated governing board in April 2015. I am looking forward to supporting the federated governing board, particularly in the areas I have responsibility in school, which include SEND, maths and assessing pupil progress.

  • Mr Dominic Ring

    I recently joined the board of governors as a co-opted governor, having seen my daughter leave Hyde Park last year for secondary school, and with my son currently in Year 5. We moved from London to Plymouth 4 years ago and were pleased to place our children at Hyde Park where they were quickly made to feel welcome. I work as a solicitor for a southwest and London law firm, where I have been for the last 5 years. Prior to this I worked for the Press Association in a couple of roles. I wanted to become a governor to assist the school at this important and developing time, and as one of the governors responsible for the Finance and English, I hope to provide some valuable input in respect of these important areas. Outside of work, we appreciate spending time on the beaches and surrounding areas that we left London to enjoy.

  • Mr Phil Hart

    Details to follow shortly.

  • Mr Mark Briffa

    Details to follow shortly.