Our values which underpin our curriculum

Hyde Park Schools’ Values

We are inclusive, confident and enterprising learners who are brave, curious, optimistic and kind. We are ready to embrace the future.

 To us this means:


Valuing and respecting everyone for themselves and their contribution to the team by:

  •         ensuring that the curriculum and resources reflect and embrace diversity
  •         planning and promoting opportunities for pupils to experience the diversity of Modern Britain


Encouraging all to be brave and embrace challenges through a range of opportunities by:

  •         building a secure environment to explore and experience uncertainty
  •         developing self-awareness and learning how to manage feelings
  •         promoting positive relationships by learning how to collaborate to manage conflict
  •         valuing effort and perseverance in all learning
  •         celebrating personal achievements


Promoting, supporting and encouraging enthusiasm and determination in our approached to learning by:

  •         creating opportunities for experimentation, investigation and thoughtful enquiry
  •         encourage and open-minded, creative approach to solving problems
  •         having flexible adaptable thinking to make connections in learning
  •         seeing unlimited opportunities for the future