School Council

Following the in-class elections, HPJS’s School Council has been formed for this year. These children have been elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and raise issues. The School Council will also be taking forward projects on behalf of the pupils and will be involved in proposing changes to develop the school. So far this term, the School Council has formally meet once and they all now are proudly wearing their School Council badges. These badges will make their role clear to all other children and help them be approachable to their peers. We are hoping to develop the School Council this year to ensure it is an exciting, fun opportunity where the children are given a meaningful voice through their representatives. 
What the School Council has achieved so far: 
Enterprise fund 
- Last year, the current Year 6’s did a fantastic job during their enterprise project where their created a business and produced a product which they then advertised and sold at the Enterprise Fair. This money is allocated to be reinvested into the school to benefit all of the children. The School Council has been collecting ideas of how this money should be spent and considering which options will be most beneficial to the most amount of children. 
Christmas Celebration 
- The School Council embraced their responsibility to support the school during our Christmas Celebration by welcoming friends and families to enjoy our special event. The children were very effective in their role and made the school proud. Many of you kindly donated money at the end of the performance and the School Council, after long consideration, decided to donate the money to NSPCC. 
- Recently, the school has been focused on improving the activities offered to the children at both break and lunch time and how these are run. The school has been working alongside the Sports Leaders  to plan how their role can support positive play and the School Council was called on to ensure all the children’s views were collected about what they’d like to do and their likes and dislikes. These ideas were collected and feedback and all the children are really excited and optimistic about the changes.  
What the school council is going to focusing on:
Enterprise money 
- This term, the children are going to be finalising what they are going to spend the Enterprise Money on. 
Elections for next year 
- One of the initial concerns which the School Council and their peers had was the effectiveness and fairness of our current process of electing School Councillors. This term, we are going to explore how we can make this process more diplomatic for next year. 
Partnership with Plymouth University
- In the last week, HPJS has been offered the opportunity to work with Plymouth University with a Global Citizenship Sustainability Project. Pupils from Plymouth University will be visiting the school in early February to observe and then they will be meeting with the School Council to discuss how the school can engage with the UN sustainable development goals and the explore our responsibility to be earth caretakers and change- makers.  
We hope that 2016-2017 is going to be an exciting year for the School Council where we will be active and make some meaningful changes to the school to support the learning and well-being of all of our pupils. We will be regularly being updating you on our progress and we encourage you to contact us If you have projects or issues for us to discuss. 
Miss McNamee and HPJS School Council