Who's Who

Here are the people who work at Hyde Park Junior School. Some of their extra responsibilities are in the brackets after their names

Headteacher: Miss Tina Jackson (Staff Development, Child Protection / Looked After Children)

Deputy Headteacher: Mr Mark Dellow (SENDCO, Deputy Child Protection, Teaching and Learning Lead)
Year 3
Miss Hannah McNamee (Geography & Outdoor Learning Lead Teacher) - Barnardo class
Mr Andy Watts (Computing Lead Teacher) - Keller class 
Mrs Anna Rees-Williams (Science Lead Teacher) - Seacole class 

Year 4
Miss Josie Bryce (History Lead Teacher) - Attenborough class
Miss Alison Caldwell (Maths Lead Teacher) - Curie class (Year 4 Team Leader)
Miss Lydia Tanner (Music Lead Teacher) & Mrs Jennie Hussey - Hawking class

Year 5
Mr Bradshaw King class
Miss Michele Lockett (English Writing Lead Teacher)- Mandela class - (Year 5 Team Leader)
Mrs Rebekah Greatrex (PE Lead Teacher) - Gandhi class

Year 6
Mrs Sarah Gray - Dickens Class
Mrs Kate Buck (Assistant Head) - Douglass class  (Year 6 Team Leader)
Miss Emma Clay (Art/DT Lead Teacher) - Pankhurst class

Other teaching staff
Mrs Gemma Vince
Mr Jamie Worsa (Music Lead Teacher)

Specialist Teaching Assistants
Mrs Karen Buckley, Mrs Ali Walsh, Mrs Courtney Edwards, Mrs Jo Darke, Mrs Louise Dunbar, Miss Amy Roberts

Administrative Teaching Assistants
Mrs Wendy Burford, Mrs Kirsty Flower
Meal-Time Assistants
Mrs Mary Lean (Supervising MTA)
Mrs Janet Davy
Mrs Petronela Iosub
Mrs Lesley Sargent
Ms Aga Budzynska
Mr Simon Bouch

Office Staff
Miss Samantha Brown
Mrs Laura Turner
Mrs Liz Chipperfield
Mrs Karen Rockey (SEND Administrator)