Last term, Y3 researched the Bronze Age and started producing information posters using publisher, which they will complete early this term before moving on to our 'we are bug fixers' unit. During this unit, they will explore how to debug programs using Scratch.

Year 4 worked hard last term on populating and collaboratively editing their Wiki with information on the culture, history and geography of Rome. This term, they will be using LegoWeDo to develop their programing and debugging skills.

Year 5 have been using Movie Maker to create their own e-safety videos - the best of which will be shown in assembly. They will complete their videos early this term before moving onto our 'we are artists unit'. During this unit, the children will develop an appreciation of the links between geometry and art by researching and creating tessellations using Inkscape.

Year 6 have been writing very exciting 'choose your own ending' stories, which hyperlink to the next part of the adventure - see below to read the winners chosen from each class and the pupils' favourite. This term, Year 6 will begin creating a memories movie of their time at the school.

Last term, the children also all took part in 'Safer Internet Day' with this year's theme being 'The bigger picture'.  We explored the theme in classes.

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