At Hyde Park Junior School, we understand the valuable contribution that being physically active can make to our physical and mental wellbeing. Through our PE provision, we aim to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle for all our pupils. We have developed a broad and balanced curriculum to inspire all children and foster their interest and participation in extra-curricular sport. Our PE lessons are a chance to embed the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, discipline and teamwork. As well as this, our curriculum seeks to, over the year, develop the key skills of flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance as well as improving children’s physical fitness and stamina. We understand that, for some pupils, PE can be an opportunity to excel and succeed outside of academic pursuits. However, for some pupils the focus will be on participation and involvement as they develop their physical confidence.


We provide all students with two hours of timetabled Physical Education per week. Each week, children will have one indoor session and one outdoor session.

Please remember that your child needs to come to school in PE kit on those days when they have PE.

  • Year 3 - Tuesday and Friday
  • Year 4 - Monday and Wednesday
  • Year 5 - Tuesday and Thursday
  • Year 6 - Monday and Wednesday

As a school, we take part in a variety of sporting competitions with other Plymouth primary schools. Additionally, inter-class and inter-year group competitions are encouraged throughout the school year. Every year, we hold our Sports Day where children will take part as House Teams: Lynher, Meavy, Plym and Tamar. The day consists of competitive athletic events (such as long jump) and non-competitive events (such as team challenges), so that all students are involved and able to participate. 

Our curriculum map allows for children to revisit key skills (for example, throwing and catching) throughout their primary schooling. Over time, our pupils will develop these skills. For example, students will improve not only the accuracy of their throwing skills but also the range of passes they can make (for example, over-head, underhand etc.)