Our Science Vision:
At Hyde Park Junior School, we believe that science should be engaging and allow children to take ownership of their learning. We want our children to be active learners by finding out things for themselves, by asking ‘how?’, ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’.
Science underpins our understanding of the world and is an integral part of our lives, which makes it vital that children at our school develop a lifelong love for the subject. While broadening children’s understanding in science we will promote collaboration, exploration, curiosity, discovery and investigation. Science at Hyde Park Junior School encourages children to be critical and reflective learners, and inspires them to take risks and ask questions. 
Five Key Principles:
  • Science teaching and learning promotes ambition and endeavour by making real life links to scientists and engineers, in history and present day, and by reacting to current events.
  • Children should be curious, explore and ask questions within their science learning.
  • Children will reason and problem solve through practical investigations.
  • Children are able to use a variety of scientific resources both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Science learning will engage and fascinate children to enable them to become lifelong learners.