Welcome to Hyde Park Junior School,
Our school works in seamless cooperation with Hyde Park Infant School to ensure our pupils develop strong values and deep rooted skills and knowledge as they pass through our care. Our school values are kind curious, brave, optimistic, enterprising, inclusive and confident. Our pupils are ready to embrace the future. Our classes are named after key inspirational figures from history who we feel demonstrate the first four of these values and, as such, our pupils learn about these key figures.
Our high quality and highly aspirational curriculum ensures that pupils develop a wide view of their world and the issues within it. They have a strong voice and learn that their voice is important. 
Staff are well trained and skilled staff to help children learn, although we encourage each pupil to have independence and ownership of their learning. 
The school runs an array of clubs and out of hours activities, some run by school staff and some by external agencies, as well as having wrap around care available to support parents. Within the curriculum we also ensure that all terms include a school trip, a visitor or an onsite experience so that our curriculum is vibrant and alive for pupils to enjoy.   
Mark Dellow
Head of Junior School

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